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Cap Corps Volunteers work primarily in the fields of health care, education, and social services in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is a list of placements where Cap Corps Volunteers may be placed; more opportunities are available based on needs of agencies and skills of applicants.


St. Vincent Charity Hospital

Emergency Room Nurse Assistant

St. Vincent Charity Hospital is located in the Central neighborhood of downtown Cleveland and provides care to anyone in need. The Cap Corps Volunteer assists nurses in all capacities of patient care in the Emergency Room.

Migration and Refugee Services

Health Care Navigator 
MRS provides extensive resettlement services to help refugees become self- sufficient and connected to their new community. The Cap Corps Volunteer helps clients navigate their medical needs and care; many of whom have not received proper medical attention for years and often longer.


Social Services

Migration and Refugee Services

Program Assistant

MRS provides extensive resettlement services to help refugees acclimate to their new environment. The Cap Corps Volunteer assists in refugee resettlement in the areas of housing, health care, ESL support, employment training, and school enrollment/support.

St. Colman Outreach Ministry

Program Assistant 
St. Colman's provides outreach to its surrounding community and beyond. The Cap Corps Volunteer assists in case management to meet the emergency and long term needs of neighborhood residents. The volunteer oversees the many programs at St. Colman's including the ID Crisis Collaborative, Neighborhood Meal Program, ESL classes, GED Preparation, and computer classes.

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